Whispering Waters Mission Statement

   As you slowly drive down the half-mile stretch of lane separating your destination from the rest of the world, an awareness of nature and your place in it will begin to heighten your senses.  Whether you enter in the hushed and frozen silence of winter with every twig outlined by a fresh blanket of snow, or in the summer with long grasses gently brushing the sides of your car and dragonflies diving at you in friendly welcome, you will feel a sense of peace and delight.  Your retreat is already connecting you with your essence- the one you share with every living creature.  You wonder what you will experience here and realize the experience has already begun.

   Whispering Waters lies just across the bridge.  As you cross it in winter, you may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle soaring up above, cruising the ribbon of flowing water in search of food.  In the summer, the blue heron may bless you with its presence. This is home to both of these great birds. To witness either of them in their natural habitat is an inspiration and true gift.  The river dances and sparkles below you.  Its movement is steady and changing.  You may secretly anticipate time alone beside it.
     Immediately inside the gate is a tiny cabin on the river.  It is inviting, but you realize you haven't arrived at  your destination yet because the lane continues on.  A little stream may catch your eye.  It winds its way among cedar trees and sings its own delightful, laughing song any season of the year. It beckons you to follow it as it disappears into the wetlands and forest beyond. Drive slowly, for the deer may be feeding under the apple trees. They're always nearby.  You'll enjoy watching them from inside, and feel  them if you venture up the trail into the woods. A welcoming whinny may greet you from the barn or pasture as you drive up to the main house.  Whether you are an experienced bird watcher or not, you'll quickly become intrigued by the variety of calls that will announce your arrival at Whispering Waters.
   Welcome to our Bed and Breakfast Retreat.  In coming to Whispering Waters, you are giving time to yourself: time to feel your own feelings, think your own thoughts and sense your own individuality and priorities.  We know you will come away refreshed and with renewed purpose.
   During your stay with us, we hope you'll feel at home and encourage you to browse the shelves of the library, disappear up into the loft, cuddle on the couch, watch the fire or play a game.  A soak in the hot tub is recommended.  It offers a delightful therapy of its own while you commune with nature and the creatures of the night.  Be sure to take a deep breath and fill your lungs with forest fragrances before retiring.
   If you have chosen to stay in the main  house, you will have been directed to one of our three rooms. Each room features cozy quilts and down comforters. Open your window and let the trickle of the stream lull you to sleep. Breakfast will be ready in the kitchen whenever you are.
The Spring House Suite is for those who are in need  of a little more pampering.  The room will envelope you with warmth and peace. Relax in the sunporch and enjoy your view of the creek and waterfall with the cedar forest as the backdrop.  Enjoy your shower  as you stand on river stones or take a therapeutic  soak in the jacuzzi.  To enhance your retreat, book a massage or relax in the sauna.
If your choice is the little cabin by the river, you're in for a treat.  Put a fire in the fireplace, curl up on the couch with a good book or sit in the screened porch and let your thoughts be swept away by the river.  Embrace the quiet and solitude of this space.  When you need to sleep, pull out the sofa bed or climb up into the loft.  A few staples are stocked in the refrigerator and cupboard and breakfast will be well worth the short stroll up to the main house.

   We invite you to hike up the trail that takes you into a magnificent forest.  Follow the converging streams to  their sources near the top of the hill. Sit and watch the springs bubbling from beneath the ground.  Find a mossy rock or stump to lean against and feel the liberation of just being with yourself and the land.  The energy that  has been locked  up in your daily concerns becomes freed.  Nature invites you to listen and join in its aliveness.  There are 42 acres to be enjoyed in whatever manner you choose.  We are seeking to put people in touch with their inner  peace and harmony.  
   In addition to our serene setting, we offer an assortment of tapes for meditation, guided nature hikes and journals to provide internal vision and enhance the self-awareness process.  Our Stream of Consciousness Workshops which are offered at various times throughout the year may also be of interest to you.  All are centered around  personal  growth and stress management.   
   We look forward to meeting you and sharing our way of life  among a night's experience here at Whispering Waters.